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Business undertakings in Minsk

Sustainable social and economic development of Minsk directly depends on the level of activity of the business sector. The level of entrepreneurship in Minsk is quite high; small and medium-sized businesses in Minsk are represented in all sectors of the economy.

Business undertakings in Minsk are mainly concentrated in the sphere of trade and services - 45.5%, in manufacturing - 9.8%, construction - 7.8%, transport - 5.2%.

Creation of business entities in the real sector of the economy

As of 01.01.2020, in Minsk, there are 42051 operating micro-, small and medium-sized business entities and 78,394 individual entrepreneurs. The share of tax revenues for January-December 2019 from this category of payers in the city's revenues amounted to 41.70%.

In January - December 2019, 5051 commercial organizations were registered in Minsk, including 1298 with foreign investment and 292 production lines, as well as 10917 individual entrepreneurs.

Financial support for small and medium enterprises

The State Program “Small and Medium Enterprises in the Republic of Belarus for 2016 - 2020” is being implemented. For the implementation of the main activities of the Program in 2020, the budget of the city of Minsk provides 1.0 million rubles. This ammount is planned to be used to provide subsidies to small businesses and businesses of the the infrastructure of support.

Infrastructure to support small and medium enterprises

In Minsk, a network of small and medium-sized business support infrastructure entities has been created and is operating, consisting of 26 business support centers and 5 small business incubators.

The activity of the centers is aimed at providing business entities, citizens wishing to start their own business with informational, methodological and consulting services on the organization and conduct of business, assisting in obtaining financial and material and technical resources, participating in trade fairs, establishing business contacts, promoting  their products to domestic and foreign markets, training and providing these entities with qualified personnel, conducting marketing research and others.

Residents of incubators are provided with specially equipped office and industrial premises for rent at a reduced rate, information and consulting support.

Economic involvement of unused property

The necessary measures are being taken to establish unused and inefficiently used areas of industrial enterprises, as well as to identify reserves that can increase the investment attractiveness of Minsk.

On an ongoing basis, work is underway to lease inefficiently used areas. The official website of the Minsk City Executive Committee has a list of 68 premises that are offered for free use under the contractual obligations to create jobs.

In order to widely attract entrepreneurs to solve the socio-economic problems of the development of Minsk, to constantly monitor the situation in the business environment, in order to timely identify problematic issues and develop effective ways to solve them, as well as to improve the support system for the business sector, a council for the development of entrepreneurship has been created at the Minsk City Executive Committee, which is a key platform for dialogue between business and government.