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Strategic Development Plan of Minsk

Like any major city, Minsk can act as the initiator and accelerator of progressive social and economic transformations in our country. In these conditions, an urgent task is the development of scientifically based conceptual approaches to the sustainable development of the city of Minsk. The stability of a large city is based on three basic principles:

The first principle is the balance of the economy and ecology, transition to the development that preserves the natural environment and the resource potential.

The second principle is the balance of the economic and social spheres.

The third principle is a comprehensive solution of current and future tasks within the framework of strategic planning.

These principles, taking into account the specifics of the economy of the Republic of Belarus and the city of Minsk, the social structure, the mentality of the population, its geopolitical position in the world and Europe, have formed the basis for the Concept of the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development of Minsk for the period until 2020, which is disclosed by the formula: "5 cities - in one"

  • A city of health and high social standards
  • A city of knowledge and science-intensive technologies
  • A city - the center of international communications
  • A city attractive for business and investment
  • A city that develops democracy with a wide participation of citizens.

Each of the priorities of urban development contained in this formula can be specified in the following main areas and forecast-target indicators which reflect the stages of implementation of these directions until 2020.

With the full version of the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development of Minsk until 2020 (in Russian and English), one can get acquainted on the official website of the Minsk City Executive Committee.